Aamuseminaari 26.4.2018: Ajankohtaista USA:n ja Japanin patenttijärjestelmistä


Ajankohtaista USA:n ja Japanin patenttijärjestelmistä

Nyt sinulla on loistava mahdollisuus tulla kuuntelemaan USA:n ja Japanin johtavien patenttitoimistojen puhujia, jotka kertovat meille viimeisimmät ajankohtaiset asiat patenteista. Aamuseminaarissamme saat tuoreita tietoja tietoa mm. Japanin ja USA:n patenttijärjestelmän erityispiirteistä ja viimeaikaisista trendeistä.

Aamuseminaariohjelma to 26.4.2018, Mechelininkatu 1a, Helsinki:

Aamiainen katettuna

Markku Simmelvuo, toimitusjohtaja, Papula-Nevinpat

Japan IP Updates
• Overview of patent prosecution in Japan
• Recent trends in patent examination at the JPO
• Comparison of procedures for oppositions and invalidations trials
Mr Manabu Goto, Manager, Patent Attorney & Mr Masao Miki, Director, Patent Attorney, Shiga International Patent Office

 US IP Updates
•Strategic patent drafting: How to maximize coverage in view of the current law related to eligibility (§ 101) and patentability requirements (§§ 102 and 103)?
•Tools for challenging competitor patents (administrative versus trial procedures)
•Top U.S. Supreme Court decisions (patent eligibility; exhaustion; infringement; venue; attorney fees)
C. Gregory Gramenopoulos, Partner & Anthony C. Tridico, Ph. D., Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP 

Keskustelua ja tilaisuuden päätös

Mahdollisuus myös kahdenkeskisiin keskusteluihin seminaarin jälkeen.

Ilmoittaudu mukaan tästä viimeistään maanantaina 23.4.2018. Tervetuloa mukaan!


Manabu Goto handles patent matters, such as prosecution, objections, opinions, technical analyses and litigation. He specializes in the synthesis of rare earth manganite, the structural analysis, and the mechanical structure and characterization thereof. He gained experience in prosecution and conducting prior art searches for electrical wiring, wiring harnesses, and connectors while he worked atYazaki. He is in charge of semiconductor devices, displays, and batteries.



Masao Miki handles patent matters, such as prosecution, opinions, technology licensing, contracts, and legal counseling for international business as well. He specializes in
automobile engineering, medical equipment, and electronic devices. He also has extensive experience in international business such as Tehran, Iran, in 1990-1992, and Accra, Ghana, in 1992-1995.



C. Gregory Gramenopoulos has more than twenty years of experience in the field of intellectual property law. He handles patent matters for emerging and leading high-technology companies in the computer and software fields. A significant portion of his practice is devoted to patent infringement and validity litigation, and patent portfolio management and licensing. Recognized by The Legal500 U.S., Greg is the lead author of the international treatise, Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win, published by Bloomberg BNA.



Anthony C. Tridico, Ph.D. is the managing partner of Finnegan’s London office. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of intellectual property law and his practice involves diverse technical areas from biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences to medical devices. Working in Europe for much of his career, Dr. Tridico has gained significant knowledge of the European Patent Convention (EPC) and the diversity of laws and practice among the European national systems.


Aamuseminaari 26.4.2018: Ajankohtaista USA:n ja Japanin patenttijärjestelmistä


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