IP Webinar Series – Part 4: Patents in Russia & Eurasia

4.3.2021 – 4.30 pm EET

Come and join us for a live IP webinar and learn about top things you should know about patents in Russia and Eurasia. The webinar will be held by our Patent Attorney Erik Viik on 4 March 2021 at 4.30 pm EET. The webinar is free of charge and all registrants will receive a link to the recording after the webinar.

In this webinar you will hear specifics about patenting in Russia and Eurasia. We will cover patent prosecution in both jurisdictions with many practical examples. You can also suggest topics that we should cover in this webinar.


  • Particularly companies operating in or considering entry into these markets
  • Companies filing in this region
  • Patent agencies that represent clients filing in this region

You’ll find out

  • Specifics of patent prosecution in both jurisdictions
  • Useful strategies
  • Good to know tips with practical case examples


Erik Viik
Patent Attorney

Erik Viik

Patent Attorney

Erik Viik is a registered Patent Attorney (Eastern Patent Department) at Papula-Nevinpat. He is also a partner in the company.

His main responsibilities include advising customers on patent and utility model protection in Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Patent Convention, as well as marketing Papula-Nevinpat’s IP services in these regions to foreign customers.

Erik earned his Master of Science in physics from the University of Helsinki in 2006.

Erik joined Papula-Nevinpat in 2007 as a patent specialist at the Eastern Patent Department, and his primary area of expertise covers patent legislation, patenting processes and searches in Russia and other Eurasian countries. In addition, Erik´s patent experience includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications. He has also written several articles in Finnish and international publications on various intellectual property issues in Russia and Eurasia.

Before joining Papula-Nevinpat, Erik completed training in the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN (2003), and has worked as an R&D engineer for one of the leading designers and manufacturers of silicon capacitive sensors (2004-2006).

Marika Kojo, Communications Manager, Papula-Nevinpat
Patents in Russia & Eurasia
Erik Viik, Patent Attorney, Papula-Nevinpat
End of the webinar