We are looking for talented software developers


Are you interested in applying your programming skills to the rapidly growing area of legal technology and to a machine learning driven software product?

Intellectual property (IP) protection is an estimated 80 billion euro global annual market. A big part of this comes from the cost of prosecuting IP applications. This cost makes protecting ideas and brands so expensive that it is often seen as out of reach to many individuals.

We have been developing our IP industry disrupting system for about four years and the service will be launched in 2020. The system leverages the knowledge from over three decades of IP process development at the top tier IP law firm Papula-Nevinpat, together with the insights of leading specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The service brings the cost of IP prosecution down to a level which dramatically improves global access to IP protection.

We are looking for talented software developers to join our multi-disciplinary team for launching the new service and to prepare ourselves to serve our new customers.

We offer

  • An opportunity to see how business processes are improved in practice by machine learning
  • An opportunity to develop and implement legal technology in the right way
  • An opportunity to develop industry-disrupting software
  • A flexible working environment with remote working possibilities
  • A competitive salary and other company benefits

Key responsibilities

  • Domain modeling and requirement engineering
  • Designing and implementing application services
  • Service integration via messaging and database technologies
  • Full cycle development from design to operations and support

You will learn (prior knowledge of any of the below listed skills is considered a benefit)

  • Modeling solutions together with domain experts
  • Applying various architectural patterns, such as event sourcing
  • Using messaging technologies and patterns for service implementation and integration
  • Developing software in an agile and automated environment

We hope you have good spoken and written English skills.

Interested? Please send your CV and a motivation letter along with your salary request to . For further information, please contact our Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Teemu Lang, tel 0405763796.

To learn more about us, please visit our website www.papula-nevinpat.fi/ or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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